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After reportedly being instructed to pay for wheelchair service, a woman crawls along the Singapore-BKK Jetstar airline aisle.

A woman from Queensland, Australia, who uses a wheelchair to get around, was observed crawling along the aisle of a Jetstar aircraft jet for around 4m after employees reportedly declined her request to use an aisle wheelchair for free.

It was also said that she was ordered by staff to pay for an aisle chair in order to exit.

When the event occurred roughly a week ago, she was aboard a Jetstar trip from Singapore to Bangkok.

Natalie Curtis, the lady, recounted the incident in a Facebook post on Oct. 31 as probably the most embarrassing moment she have had traveling.

Curtis has earlier travelled from Brisbane to Singapore with “no drama.”

Definitely the most humiliating experience I have had travelling 😣 some of the comments from the original story were pretty harsh. Most definitely did not do this for attention

Posted by Natalie Curtis on Sunday, 30 October 2022

She utilized an aisle chair to get to her seat on her trip from Singapore to Bangkok.

She was reportedly told when she arrived in Bangkok that she would have to pay to utilize the same aisle chair.

Curtis stated in an interview that she refused to pay since she had never been asked to pay before.

As a result, she opted to crawl for around 4m.

Curtis also confessed that there was some communication difficulty between her and the crew.

When they arrived, the employees were asking them to pay, and she didn’t really understand it, and she told them that she wouldn’t be paying to get off this plane, she explained.

They all simply sat about for a while, and the only thing left for her to do was crawl on the floor.

Natasha Elford, a pal with whom Curtis was traveling, videotaped her.

Elford captured her pal crawling down the aisle on video.

She stated that she intended to take Curtis from the plane but was unable to do so due to a knee ailment.

Curtis posted the video in the Facebook group, but she subsequently removed it, stating that it meant to offer documentation of what she said happened, not to garner publicity.

Some of the earliest reactions to Curtis chastised her for creating a commotion and exaggerating things out of proportion.

When the plane landed in Bangkok, Jetstar workers were notified that an aisle wheelchair would not be available for at least 40 minutes.

Curtis’ wheelchair was carried aboard, however it was too large to fit down the aisle.

A spokesman for Jetstar denied the aisle wheelchair was delayed owing to a payment request in a statement.

They sincerely apologize to Ms Curtis for her recent travel experience with them, the representative stated.

They are devoted to giving all of their clients, including those who require special help, a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for Ms Curtis due to a miscommunication that led to the delay of an aisle chair being made available at the gate upon arrival, and they are investigating what occurred as soon as possible.

Jetstar has stated that it has provided Curtis a refund as well as further compensation.

Curtis responded by saying she will never fly with Jetstar again.

It was really embarrassing, she added, and she absolutely didn’t want anyone else to experience what she had to go through.

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