Woman Slammed For Bringing Wheelchair Bound Boyfriend To Her Brother’s Wedding.

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My f31 brother m33 got married days ago. He and his now wife sent me an invitation and mentioned a “no +1” rule. Meaning that I wasn’t allowed to bring my wheelchair bound boyfriend of 4 years with me. I tried to discuss an exception for this rule because for one, my boyfriend is family and no one would deny that fact. And two, I could not find proper arrangements to have someone watch him (I’m his primary caregiver) while I was gone.

I brought him with me to the wedding. My brother and his bride were livid and picked up an argument with me about it. My brother said some hurtful stuff but I was glad he didn’t say it infront of my boyfriend. I told him it’s not like my boyfriend was making a fuss or being distracting (he just remained quiet and respectful of everyone around him) my brother argued that none of that matter and that the trust and respect he had for me was gone the minute I decided to stomp on his wedding boundaries and override the rules. My parents understood my side but also said that it was my brother’s wedding and I should’ve respected the rule he had for non-official couples.

We’ve not been talking since the wedding. I tried calling him but kept getting hung up on. His wife texted me yesterday to stop calling.

Am I so wrong? It’s not like I brought a hyperactive child to the wedding, I think he might have overreacted but I’m not sure.

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