AITA for getting my son a peanut birthday cake even though my nephew is allergic.

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My son just turned 7. He wanted a peanut butter cake, so I got him the peanut butter cake. My nephew (8) is severely allergic, so I also got a small generic vanilla cake for him and any other kid who may not want the peanut one.

The peanut cake was decorated, had candles etc, and it was the cake the kids saw and is on pictures. The vanilla cake was small and garden variety, it was in the kitchen and I cut it up there and took pieces out for the kids who wanted it (about 5 kids out of 20).

Most kids at the party were cousins of my son (my husband and I both come from big families) plus some friends. Adults were also there, mostly my siblings and my husband’s.

When my sister saw the peanut cake, she freaked out and yelled at me, saying if her son touches the cake, he could die. I told her that I told the kids it’s peanut cake and that I have a vanilla one in the kitchen for my nephew. She freaked out and her husband walked her into the house to calm her down.

When she came back, the kids were already eating cake. She asked me “so you are okay with my son dying so that yours can have cake?”. I told her that’s absurd and I’m not getting into it at a kid’s party.

After the party, she said I am an inconsiderate Jerk for not taking her kid into consideration. If he had just a little bit of cake by accident, he could die. So… Am I A Jerk ?

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