Woman Finds Out Family Was Making Bets On How Long It Would Take To Go Back To Her Husband.

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I left my husband 3 weeks ago and moved back to my birth country with our children. My family were shocked when they found out because everybody thought we had the perfect relationship and my move was abrupt. I didn’t give them many details on what happened but it was clear I was devastated and angry.

To my face, it felt like my entire family was rallying around me to give me the support I needed. However, I recently found out from my sister that some of my siblings, their partners and even my dad have been making bets on how long it would take me to go back to my husband. They also have a group chat with my husband where they’re giving him updates on me, suggestions on how to fix things and discussing his trip here in a week.

I was angry at everybody but mostly my dad since I didn’t expect it from him. I found out during a party with my entire extended family and I was so angry that I couldn’t hold it in and I ended up confronting my dad and yelling at him in front of everybody. I’ve never in my life yelled at my dad before and I think everybody was shocked, including him.

He ended up telling me he was my father and I shouldn’t speak to him like that. I kept yelling, though, until my mum and aunts took me into the other room to calm me down. I’ve since refused to apologise to my dad and have told my older brother to F off over this as well. Am I A Jerk?

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