“AITA For Not Changing My Wedding Theme?”

Weddings revolve entirely around the bride and husband. After all, on their special day, all gather to celebrate their union and affection for each other. So anything they pick for the wedding is legally binding. It’s somewhat of an unspoken rule. Read the story to know what theme the couple chose and how their friends react. What are your thoughts on this?

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I know this is weird but I want to know if I’m in the wrong.

I’m (24f) getting married on Halloween to my amazing fiance (30m) of two years. We both have a gothic style. Our home is like the Addams family since we brought an abandoned Victorian style home. We love horror and creepy things.

So for the wedding, since we met at our city’s Vampire Ball. We decided to do that theme but more Royal and gothic.The wedding is at a castle.I got a custom made goth wedding dress. My wedding dress is a black ball gown with a lot of lace detail and corset back. Plus I’m wearing a lace cape and a black tiara.

When I showed a few friends of mine the wedding look. They told me that it’s too much and how it’s really over the top. I was told that I should go more traditional since my style freaks people out and I could tone down the look. I told that I should go in more of a traditional style since I only get married once. I told them that I don’t want a traditional wedding. They told me that they won’t go because I’m over the top and the wedding is scary. I told them that they don’t have to come but I’m not changing the theme over a few opinions over my wedding. But am I the a**h**e and a bridezilla?

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