Woman asks if she’s wrong to serve chocolate cake at party despite nephew’s allergy.

Being a mom or aunt is difficult, particularly if one’s kid, niece, or nephew has special needs. When one mother is unsure if she should handle her nephew’s allergy for her daughter’s communion, she wondered if it is too much to ask for a white chocolate cake for my daughter’s first communion given my special needs nephew is allergic to chocolate?

Source: Reddit

My (9f) daughter is getting her first communion soon. Chocolate is her favorite, I tried to encourage her to get vanilla because her cousin (my nephew who is neurodivergent) is allergic to chocolate, she got very upset saying it’s not fair that it’s her party. I began to agree with her and am ordering a white chocolate cake.

I plan to accommodate my nephew by getting him an individualized vanilla cake, but his mother (my SIL) is upset, saying he will feel excluded and not understand why he can’t have the same cake as everyone else, and says we should get a vanilla cake because it’s not his fault he’s allergic. Am i A Jerk ? What should I do? 

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