Alabama Dealership Offers Controversial ‘Purchase Incentive’ With Every Vehicle.

Chatom Ford in Alabama is well-known for providing excellent customer service. Yet, plain old-fashioned hospitality alone does not move cars off the lot. Thus, when the Ford dealership was looking for a new campaign to outdo the previous ones, they decided on a gift that is sure to ruffle some feathers.

Every successful auto dealership understands that in order to attract clients, you must give them something that rivals do not. Sometimes a unique promotion is all that is required. The Alabama company, on the other hand, went above and beyond the standard freebie.

Chatom Ford has stated that as part of their “God, Guns, and Freedom” campaign, they will include a Bible, an American flag, and a 12-gauge shotgun with every car purchase. Customers will get the products with every vehicle, truck, or SUV for a complete month.

Of course, the dealership was probably expecting a criticism for their questionable marketing. As a result, the company made sure to put a warning in their article, reminding consumers that they must follow the right legal procedures in order to get their free presents.

Chatom Ford published a video announcing the unexpected prize while unveiling the dealership’s limited-time offer. General sales manager Koby Palmer, 29, models the bonus he presents in the video.

Palmer clarified after the video went viral that the dealership isn’t simply “handing out shotguns” to random folks. In reality, each consumer who purchases a handgun gets a certificate that may be shown to one of two licensed firearms dealers who have partnered with the store.

According to Palmer, the campaign is off to a tremendous start. In a village of a little over a thousand people, every purchase matters, therefore, the final few days of sales were a huge success.

Obviously, not every buyer will want religious or patriotic emblems. As a result, Palmer stressed that purchasers had the option to decline their rewards.

The phones at Chatom Ford have been ringing off the hook since the introduction of the “God, Guns, and Freedom” campaign. Most people have said they like the new way of marketing, but others are more worried about getting the great deal.

While some may take issue with the dealership’s current ad, the majority have expressed approval for the notion of capitalizing on American ideals. For the time being, the dealership and its customers are pleased with the result.

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