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One Man Sings With Teen Who Froze During The Anthem.

I can’t imagine anything more nerve-racking than performing the National Anthem a cappella in front of a crowd. Our anthem is one of the most difficult songs to perform, and some of the notes require a superb voice to accomplish.

Natalie Gilbert, a 13-year-old aspiring Broadway singer, didn’t believe anxiety would bother her. An eighth-grader won a contest to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before one of the Portland Trail Blazers’ basketball games. But she got sick the morning before her big performance. In spite of not feeling her best, Natalie understood that she still had to step onto the court and sing the anthem.

Later that night, in front of hundreds of screaming admirers, Natalie took up the microphone and began to sing. She was doing an excellent job of hitting all the right notes until you tripped over the term ‘starlight.’ Natalie attempted to shrug it off, yet she felt trapped in humiliation. The audience continued to applaud for the little girl, but it wasn’t until an unexpected hero appeared that everything changed.

Maurice Cheeks was the Blazers’ head coach, and when he saw Natalie suffering, he came right up alongside her and began to sing. They finished the hymn together, to a rousing wave of applause. This man’s incredible act of compassion enabled Natalie to continue her musical career, and it’s an uplifting tale that has been witnessed by millions.

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