Am I A Jerk For Giving My Daughter An Indefinite Grounding When She Said This.

Parenting is not an easy task. Each parent has its own way of dealing with their children. Disciplining the kids is important. Read the story to know why there was an argument between the father and daughter and let us know what the father should do.

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My daughter Nicole is a bright, sweet, and sociable girl. Last night, a classmate of hers hosted this “End of Junior Year, headed into Senior Year” party. I felt as though I’d covered more than enough the dangers of drinking, smoking, and getting pregnant at her age (I’m 34, Nicole is 17, you do the math).

I go to pick her up from this party and she stumbles into my car smelling like a brewery. I asked her if she’d been drinking, she said she never drank a drop, but giggled like a drunk as she said it. I helped her upstairs, into bed, put 4 waste baskets by her bed.

This morning she woke up later than usual and with a headache. I yelled at her for lying to me. told her she was clearly wasted last night, obviously hungover today and told her she was grounded until I thought of a real punishment, grounded until I said otherwise. She told me that I’m the reason her mom/my ex left and that her mom made the right decision leaving me. Am I A Jerk? 

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