Man Asks Is He Wrong For Calling His Parents To Meet Their Baby As Wife Isn’t Talking To Him Anymore.

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My wife has had two miscarriages and a stillbirth, and so when she got pregnant for the fourth time, I did my best to support her and any of her strange requests that she made.

During the birth, she didn’t want anyone who wasn’t a medical professional in the room, including me. I wasn’t too happy with this, because I really wanted to see him be born, but it’s her birth and her body, so I went out without a complaint. Afterwards, she stayed the night, and didn’t want anyone other than me around. Both sets of new grandparents had been scheduled to come around, but I called them and said she wasn’t ready yet, and so they didn’t.

Two days after we came home with the baby, she still refused to allow anyone around. I understand that a new mother is going to be very protective over her child, however, these are our parents! She has a complicated relationship with her parents, so I don’t mind her placing restrictions on them, but my parents are incredible and are so excited for a grandbaby!

So, I decided to tell my parents that they could come over and see the baby. I didn’t consult my wife, because I knew she’d immediately shoot down the suggestion and be in a mood for the rest of the day.

They came over, with gifts for my wife and the baby and were absolutely ecstatic. My wife seemed genuinely really happy, my mother gave her tips, and my wife looked relieved to be free of holding and feeding the baby for an hour.

When they left though, her attitude immediately shifted, and she started yelling at me (which of course set off the baby!) for disrespecting her wishes. But he’s my baby too! We both have a child now, and my family deserves to meet him! She yelled at me about her grief over our stillborn baby, as if I didn’t grieve for him too! It’s why I was so excited for my parents to meet my healthy boy!

Now she refuses to talk to me, even though we’re trying to care for a baby together. So Am I A Jerk for inviting my parents?

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