Foster boy left with burns all over his body fights his way back to life and finally gets adopted 7 years later

When a fire burst through the flat where Deyvion slept, he was only a newborn in a cradle. He was saved from the fire by firefighters, but he was left with horrible burns all over his face.

It was a wonder that Deyvion lived, but this strong little angel from Missouri had to fight his way back to health in a special burns facility.

This miraculous youngster did it all alone, and it wasn’t until he was 5 years old that he became the foster child of Beth Plunkett, a single mom of two.

Beth explained she felt he was a gorgeous little child, and she instantly fell in love with him. She feels like everyone says, ‘Oh, he’s so happy to have you and what you’re doing,’ but she is just as lucky to have him, she continued.

Beth adopted Deyvion after he had been without a family for 2,545 days.

Beth remarked she wants him to be happy first and foremost. And she wants him to always feel loved, to have ambitions, to achieve them, and to accomplish fantastic, incredible things. And she is sure he will. God undoubtedly has a wonderful purpose for him.

Not only does he have his new mother and siblings to adore him as he genuinely belongs, but the firemen who rescued him also believe he’s quite amazing.

Deputy Chief Eric Smith of Raymore’s South Metro Fire Department and his team will never forget the night they rescued this remarkable youngster.

Smith and his crew handed Deyvion an unique jacket and cap created particularly for him on the day of his adoption and drove the small child and his mother to the courthouse to declare his adoption official.

Smith offered Deyvion a high five and expressed his admiration for him, saying he’s incredibly amazing. They don’t always comprehend why things occur, but they do now.

This young guy will be loved unconditionally forever, and rightfully so; he’s a courageous and gorgeous boy who deserves all the joy he can get after all he’s gone through. This is the type of story we need to see and hear. What adoration. What tenderness.

Let us shower even more affection on this young child and share his story; he is a great inspiration.

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