Am I A Jerk For Locking The Door To My Home So My Husbands Friend Couldn’t Come In.

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My husband’s friend has been living with us for about 6 months now. When my husband presented the idea to me about him moving in, I was hesitant but he was determined to get him “out of the streets”.

Fast forward to preset day… his friend got a part time job at fedex and quit a couple of weeks ago because he didn’t “like how his supervisor was talking to him”. He does not contribute anything to our home, doesn’t help cook, clean, or watch our children. (Our oldest girl keeps an eye out on our toddler more than he does). He’ll go into our office and smoke some weed no matter how many times I tell him and my husband that he needs to do that outdoors.

Yesterday I hit my breaking point. I wasn’t feeling well as I had a migraine. 3 of our kids had dentist appointments. I don’t know about you guys but getting kids out the door can be challenging regardless, let alone when you’re feeling sick from your head pounding nonstop.

I went outside with our kids to see that my car was gone. He took my car to go smoke with his co-worker. My husband was at work. Furious wasn’t the word to describe it. I immediately went back inside and tried to call him. No answer. I then called my husband where he “sighed” like he was so annoyed with me and said he would call him.

I tried explaining to my husband that I’m at my wits end. We have 6 kids and I get no help from him or his friend. He sleeps on our couch and doesn’t even fold his blanket up in the morning. My husband proceeds to tell me that I’m overreacting and that I need to calm down.

I ended up locking my front door and refused to open it until my husband got home. However when he got home, he didn’t try to come inside. He took a picture of our door, went on Instagram, and told the world “have you ever been locked out of your own home”? I lost it

I feel like I’ve been more than patient and I can’t do it anymore. I don’t get help or basic respect in my own home and I’m constantly gaslit. My husband has a history of getting extremely angry and scary so I told him he needed to wait until our children were asleep in bed before coming in as I was afraid he’d come in irate, lashing out in front of them like before. Am I A Jerk for how I handled this?

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