Am I Wrong Telling Stepmom That I Won’t Give Up My Room So Her Daughter Can Have It.

Blending families may be challenging, particularly when a parent is trying to manage their relationship with a stepson or stepdaughter. Read the story to know what happened in this blended family and do you think she should give her room to her step sister?

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So I (f16) live with my dad since he and my mom split up and just recently he got married to Kelly. Kelly has a daughter (13) and a son (9) and they just moved in with us.

My dad and I have four rooms. The master bedroom has a bathroom inside of it and my room is just a little smaller but it also has a bathroom in the room too. Then there are the other two rooms that don’t have a bathroom but have walk-in closets, unlike mine.

All of the rooms have beds and dressers. You know all the stuff that makes a room a room without the personal decorations that you choose.

When they came to move in, her daughter ran straight past one of the vacant rooms and into mine. My walls are purple and I have Marvel and DC posters hanging up on the wall. I also have a mirror attached to my dresser with lights around it. So once I showed her son to the room he would be sleeping in I went into my room and saw her bringing her stuff into my room and so I told her that this isn’t her room and that she has one of the rooms with no decorations.

She immediately started flipping out and she started yelling saying she was gonna tell her mom and my dad that I’m being mean to her and trying to bully her because she was younger.

Her mom and my dad came into the room due to all the yelling and asked what was going on and so I told them that she thinks my room is hers and she won’t leave but she said that this has to be her room because it’s her favorite color purple and it has a bathroom so it has to be hers.

My dad explained to her that she can get her room painted whatever color you want and we can get the poster and pictures she wanted also but she said she doesn’t want a room that doesn’t have a bathroom so this one should be hers.

Her mom ended up agreeing with her saying that I have had this room for a very long time and can just restart in the other room and I should give it to her since she’s younger.

So I told her that I won’t give up my room because it has all my stuff and I’m comfortable in my room so her daughter will have to go to the only other available room.

She is saying that I’m being rude and mean to my new little sister and should be reasonable and give her my room and be the bigger person and act my age and not a little kid. So am I the AH?

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