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Mom Shares Video of Her Dying Daughter’s Final Moments: ‘She Sang to Me Her Favorite Song’

No parent should have to see the death of their kid. It is a sad memory that will be with you forever. Even if a parent has another child after the death of their first, they will never forget how it felt to have their first kid in their arms.

The mom in today’s tale shared a video of her kid on Tiktok, unaware that her child would die the next day. Viewers can see the youngster, hardly able to talk, express to her mother how much she loved her in the heartbreaking footage.

Magalli Jimenez had no clue when she gave birth to her second daughter, Ava Skye, that she would have to say goodbye to her beautiful bundle of joy so soon. Skye was pain-free for the first year of her life. When she was 13 months old, the struggle began.

When Jimenez heard Skye’s doctor mention cancer, her heart began to race. The severe medical problem had struck her tiny daughter, who hadn’t even acquired how to walk properly, out of everyone she knew. Skye’s diagnosis of a kind of muscular cancer saddened Jimenez.

The mom, on the other hand, had to be brave for her daughter. She didn’t give up hope and continued with the treatment Skye’s physician had recommended. When Jimenez witnessed her daughter go through excruciating chemotherapy sessions, she hoped she could swap places with her.

Jimenez saw a spark of hope after many hospital trips when the doctor informed her Skye was cancer-free. Skye’s mom had hoped to hear these words from the doctor, but she had no clue Skye would relapse so quickly.

The physicians informed Jimenez in July 2022 that Skye’s cancer had returned and that there was nothing they could do to treat it. The tumor could only be removed surgically, but Skye was too weak to recuperate.

Jimenez was distraught as she saw the doctors quit, knowing that her tiny child had only a few days, if not weeks, to live. It was heartbreaking for her to witness her daughter’s transformation from a healthy infant to a frail toddler who could hardly walk or speak.

Jimenez made the difficult decision to keep Skye in hospice and fill her final days with pleasure and fun. She cried in the bathroom, but she always smiled when she was around Skye. She couldn’t tell her kid they were ready to split up for good. Jimenez stated,

They’ll simply let her live her life, enjoy her, and do everything they’ve ever desired to do with her. They’ve put together a bucket list for her.

However, Jimenez’s friend and the mom of a cancer-stricken kid, Davina Galvan, put up a GoFundMe page for Skye. She desired to earn $5,000 for the little girl so her mom could grant all of Skye’s desires before she died.

Jimenez’s life fell shattered on August 22, 2022, when Skye ceased breathing. She sobbed hysterically as she held her in her arms. She hadn’t expected to lose her little darling, but she was pleased that Skye wouldn’t have to suffer any longer.

Skye did something beautiful the day before her death, which Jimenez filmed on her phone. Despite her lack of energy, the small child sang her favorite song for her mom to express her love for her. She sang while staring Jimenez in the eyes:

“I love you. You love me. We are a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss kiss. [sic] Won’t you say you love me too?”

Her heart will eternally be crushed, it will never be the same, Jimenez said. But she told her she would live for her.  She never wished any other parent to go through what she went through. The grieving mother continued, hug one’s kids a bit tighter today, even if they’re driving one mad.

Jimenez stated that she would “give everything” to have Skye disturb her as she was entering the bathroom. She thought about her kid all the time, hoping she could hold her one more time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jimenez and her family as they cope with the loss of their little angel. Skye, rest in peace!

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