“Am I A Jerk For Not Agreeing To Housesit For My Sister?”

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Okay this is a wild one that makes absolutely no sense to me, but my sister absolutely hates my guts right now for something I just can’t understand how I did wrong.

She is leaving for vacation for one week, next week. She asked me to stay at her place including nights because she is worried about break-ins and if there is a flood etc. As well as watering the plants.

Okay, fine. She lives close by, so I’ll stay there. I sent her a text agreeing to house sit.

Then she sends me a text and tells me, “Okay, Instead of charging you market rent, I’ll charge you a bit less.”

Uh, no. I have my own home. WhyTF would I pay?

So I responded with “?”

And she responded by explaining that her comparable rental house (She is a landlord) gets X a month in rent so she divided the rent by 4 for the one week and knocked $75 off..

Yea… no. So I told her she is free to hire a housesitter, or I can do it for free, but I’m not going to pay to stay at her place if I already have a place of my own.

She’s now upset with me because she “has a mortgage to pay” and is “losing out if [OP] doesn’t pay for the 2 weeks to live there”

I told her that is not really my issue. And I refuse to house sit AND pay to do sit. I’ll stay at my place.

Now my partner is on my side, and so are most of the family members. But my sister’s friends have sent me messages on FB and Insta absolutely shredding me and saying things like “Did you think you get to stay somewhere for free? Nothing is free” and admonishing me as a “leech”.

She is part of a private landlord group on FB and has sent me screenshots of people commenting on her post about me, so many calling entitled and saying things such as “Where in the world do you expect to live somewhere free?” Ans that I should be grateful she is charging below market rate. . I am so saddened that she would air our dirty laundry online. My sister tells me she is crushed that I refuse to help her as she only trusts me to watch her place, so no airbnbs and strangers etc.

EDIT: She showed me the FB post. She’s not lying to people about the issue and twisting facts. She’s LITERALLY telling them the full story (That she asked me for a favour, and I’m not asking her for a place to live)… and yet most of the comments are mocking me for thinking I can stay there for free. That house sitting is not a job and that I should be helping my sister out and if I stay there, I should be paying some rent.

I am absolutely floored, and i don’t know anymore. Am I actually the bad person here?

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