Teen asks if she’s a jerk for not wanting her widowed dad to date.

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My mom died 6 years ago and it’s been me F/19 and my older sibling since then. I plan to go to college this fall and my sibling has a girlfriend that they spend most of their free time with.

Anyway, my dad started seeing a woman from his past; they dated in high school before my dad met my mom. I’ve never met her and I don’t want to and she lives in another town anyway. I don’t like the fact that he’s involved with this woman and neither does my sibling. We’re not ready for him to date.

My sibling and I let our feelings be known to our dad. I mean, he’s still married to our mom. I’ll admit that we’ve made things pretty hard on him so much so that dad and his girlfriend broke up.

Now my dad’s pissed because he’s alone and my sibling and I are beginning our own lives. So, Am I A Jerk for giving my dad a hard time about him dating?

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