Father of four dies rescuing two of his young children from strong rip current at Florida beach

With the formal beginning of summer only a few days away, numerous people are anxious to get a head start on their plans, but officials are reminding the public to be cautious, particularly around the water, which can be unexpected and dangerous.

Officers were summoned to Huguenot Park in Jacksonville, Florida, over the weekend.

Larry Dupree, 31, and two of his 4 kids were swimming in the water when they were swept out to sea by a rip current. Beachgoers swiftly arrived and created a human chain, allowing his kids, aged 4 and 9, to be rescued.

Tragically, he fell beneath the waves before rescuers could reach him.

There was a significant risk of rip currents when Dupree went missing, and red flags were posted on the beach.

“You have no hope against the rip current if you plunge in chest deep.” “You’re not going to win,” said Rod Sullivan, a marine expert.  “It’s difficult if you’re out there with little kids and they get trapped in the rip current. You might put yourself in grave danger.”

When authorities arrived on the site, it was a search and rescue operation, but it rapidly became a recovery operation.

The hunt had been called off by Monday morning. A corpse was recovered at the park by a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department beach patrol.

Sadly, the person looks to have drowned yesterday, said JSO murder Sgt. Ed Bawroski.

Heather Dupree took the time to appreciate individuals who assisted in the rescue of her kids while grieving the death of her husband.

She wanted everyone who aided her with her kids at the beach yesterday to understand how grateful she is from the bottom of her heart for their love, generosity and consideration, she said.

A  GoFundMe page has been established to assist with the future expenditures of supporting the family’s 4 kids.

This dad’s ultimate deed was to save the lives of his kids. How admirably unselfish.

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