Am I Jerk For Not Wanting My Husband’s Trash Child In My House.

Being linked to a cheating partner eternally is challenging enough without having to deal with a constant reminder of their unfaithfulness. This is the situation one lady finds herself in after learning that her spouse had an affair while she was also carrying his kid. Read the story and let us know how you would deal with the situation.

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My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant and had a baby with another woman. I found out after the other child was born. I have never been okay with this. It’s exactly the kind of trash I tried so hard to have NOT be part of my life. If it was possible, I would have divorced him by now, but I’m stuck at a legal dead end and it’s not possible. We have a legal and emotional separation agreement though. Since he travels a lot, and between the baby, my parents, and my career, I’ve been able to avoid thinking too much about it.

Well, so I thought. It’s been almost two years since then, and now he wants to bring that child into MY house. I guess he has some kind of schedule with the other child’s mother that includes visits and he wants that visitation to be in what is technically still his residence. Absolutely NOT.

I’m not a stepmother to any child, and unlike in most of these situations, the house we’re living in is truly only mine. It’s under my parents’ names, but I got it when I got POA and they had to go into a care home. I’m not having this kid in it.

My husband and our families say that I need to deal with it because I am still married, that I need to accept my stepchild and that I’m a witch for excluding a baby and preventing siblings from having a relationship. I don’t agree. This child may technically be siblings to mine, but I don’t need to play mom to this kid to make a relationship happen, and I don’t want any of this trash coming into mine or my child’s safe space. Am I crazy for not wanting this child here?

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