Wife Refuses To Reveal The Gender Of Her Baby To Husband. Is She Right In Doing So.

These days, gender reveal parties are huge, but what if you choose to maintain your baby’s gender a secret? Some expectant mothers prefer to keep their baby’s gender a secret, particularly when pressure comes from their significant other or family. In this story an expectant lady declines to reveal the gender of her child to her husband and family. Read the story and do you think she is right in not not revealing the gender of my child to my spouse or anybody else.

Source: Reddit

My husband and dad both have a vested interest in my baby being a boy. Although my husband now claims he wouldn’t care either way and would love to have a daughter, I don’t know if I believe him. As soon as I was able to find out the gender, my husband wanted to but I said no.

I started to feel anxious the further along I was, so I decided to find out alone. My family, especially my dad, have been asking me what the gender is. Everybody, including my husband, is upset with me because I won’t tell them.

The reason I won’t is because I think they should be happy the baby is healthy and the focus shouldn’t be the gender. Am I A Jerk?

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