During J Lo and Ben Affleck’s honeymoon, a boat in France, Affleck passes out

Ben Affleck is prepared to hit the deck, just like he did on his honeymoon, in order to get to bed.

On a family-style outing with Jennifer Lopez and their respective kids on Saturday, the actor was spotted dozing off. They were boating along the Seine River in Paris, where they have been for several days embracing their post-nuptials chapter.

As you can see, BA has no trouble falling asleep, and the man is practically lying on his back with his feet kicked up. One could nearly snore.

By the way, he didn’t only try to fall asleep in this cozy posture; at one point, he was spotted curled up on his own knees, much like one could on a bus or airplane. He was lucky enough to locate the sweet spot towards the front of the ship.

There is no trace of Jen and the kids, which is probably a good thing. In circumstances like this, Papa Bear must not be disturbed since a guy has to sleep, after all.

Good night, little prince.

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