Am I Jerk For Refusing To Punish My Daughter For What She Said To My Fiance’s Mom.

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My daughter (16) has a visible scar on her forehead. She was born with it and although she’s struggled with negative attention it used to get her, Now she’s embracing it as part of her personality.

My fiance’s mom who’s big on self image and appearances tends to bring up this scar and talk to my daughter in what sounds like a condescending tone about it. Basically treating it as if it’s something to be ashamed of or makes her incomplete. My fiance’s mom would ask questions like if my daughter “plans” on getting a cosmetic surgery and go on and on about how this might “affect” her future relationships and work and so….she also does it in front of everyone which puts my daughter on the spot and makes her uncomfortable.

The other day we were going to visit my fiance’s family for dinner. My daughter didn’t want to go but my fiancee instead. My daughter said fine but stated that if my fiance’s mom brings up the scar thing again then she won’t hold her tongue this time. I told my daughter to go for it and my fiancee was shocked.

We got there, had dinner and then suddenly; my fiance’s mom brought up the scar again. This time she was talking about genetics and whether or not any future kids we might have will get “similar birth defects’ ‘. I was blown away but before I even reacted, my daughter spoke up and told my fiance’s mom “hey, I heard they are selling lives at the shopping mall next to your home. Why don’t you go and get one and stop meddling!”.

The whole room went quiet. ngl I chuckled instantly but both my fiancee and her mom were stunned. Things got awkward and I took my daughter to the car then got into a big argument with my fiance. She said the way my daughter spoke to her mom and what she said to her was appalling and should be punished for it. I said forget about it, I ain’t punishing my daughter for standing up for herself. She lashed out saying this was disrespectful and her mom only spoke out of legitimate care and concern and that my daughter has an attitude and I should stop enabling it.

We argued some more then my daughter and I ended up going home alone since my fiance decided to stay with her mom til we “come back with an apology and a proper punishment”.

She’s still there and I still refused to punish my daughter or have her apologize. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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