Mother Tells Son He Shouldn’t Have Dated An American Girl When She Refused Her Food.

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I had gone over to my boyfriend’s house so we could hang out. I’d never talked much to his mom before (she’s usually at work when I come over) but today she was at the house. A few hours pass, and she calls him for dinner.

I started laying down on his bed, as I wasn’t very hungry, and didn’t want to ask for food even if I was. His mom looks at me and says “Come eat, I made enough for everyone. I wanna thank you for being so good to my son with a meal”.

I politely declined but she kept asking. Eventually I cave in, and we all sit at the table with his dad and 2 other brothers. She makes me a plate of what I think is a type of noodle soup called “pho”. (His family is Vietnamese if that matters?) It smells good, but I’d never eaten that kind of food before so I just kinda sat there moving it around while they talked.

10 to 15 minutes go by and she notices I haven’t really eaten. “You don’t like it? Please eat”. I nervously shake my head and awkwardly explain that I’m just not used to this kind of food, but that I meant no disrespect. She frowns and says something to my boyfriend that I can’t understand.

He turns to me and asks if I can just try it. I say that I’m really not hungry, and feel like if I eat anything right now I’ll get sick. (Wasn’t really true but I felt really panicked at this point).

His mom gets super upset and goes on a rant about why he shouldn’t have dated an American girl. How she spent so long making sure this was perfect for me only for me to disrespect her.

I said I had no ill intentions, but I wasn’t going to make myself eat food I wasn’t in the mood to eat as I was an adult. We ended up leaving cause she said she needed space from us at that moment. My boyfriend says I was stubborn and should’ve at least taken a sip. I feel bad but I felt really pressured to do something I didn’t want to do. Am I really Stubborn for not taking a sip?

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