Am I Jerk Yelling At Mom When Said She Probably Can’t Attend My Husband’s Memorial.

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My (f28) husband died a month ago. My heart feels like it’s been ripped out of my chest, but I’m trying to get through it all. The funeral was small, in his home state. We have the memorial on Saturday, which friends, extended family are attending.

My mom is very close to her siblings. I want to add that I also have a good relationship with my cousins, aunts, uncles. My reaction isn’t based off some built up anger or something.

My 5 year old cousin fell yesterday and hit his head, he had a pretty bad bruise and vomited. They went to the ER, he got checked out with a CT scan and thankfully everything is fine internally. My aunt let the family know what was going on and my mom was going crazy with worry. She let me know and told me to talk to my aunt, I called her and she was crying, saying how scared they all got.

Mom said that she wasn’t sure if she could attend my husband’s memorial, depending on how my cousin’s doing. I was pretty shocked. She said that my aunt and uncle are going through a lot of emotional turmoil and she’s so worried about them. Now I will completely understand if my aunt’s family can’t make it, but I want my mother to be with me through my emotional turmoil. I admit I sort of lost it and cried/yelled at her on the phone, that I’m sorry what happened to my cousin but they’re fine.

My husband is dead. I’m barely holding it together and now she’s telling me she can’t make it. My mom said I’m overreacting and something really bad could’ve happened (to my cousin). I hung up, she just sent me a message saying she understands I’m emotional and she’ll try to make it, but I should be more understanding towards my baby cousin.

I decided to post here for some unbiased opinions, if I went too far yelling at my mom.

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