Everybody on board is killed when a plane crashes into a US residential complex.

Everyone on board was killed when a single-engine plane crashed into a New Hampshire apartment complex.

After the collision at Keene’s Dillant-Hopkins airport, flames as high as 40 feet were visible billowing in the air.

There was an aircraft crash near the Keene Airport into a multifamily structure near Hope Chapel, said the City of Keene in a statement.

There were no casualties in the apartment complex. Those aboard the plane were tragically killed. The FAA has been informed.

Additional information will be released when it becomes available.

It was unclear how many passengers were on board the jet at the time.

The plane concerned might have been a single-engine Beechcraft Sierra.

According to residents, the jet collided with a storage facility, which caught fire adjacent to a tiny apartment complex that shares a parking lot with Hope Chapel.

Those within the building reported being afraid.

He was sitting in the chair and he heard the enormous blast and then the house shaking, Robin Guimond said.

Scott Gauthier, another resident of the apartment building, stated he simply grabbed everything he needed to be respectable, walked outside, and glanced up.

The roof had already been installed. It’s already all over the rear of the house’s roof.

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