“Am I The Jerk For Wanting To Go Somewhere While My Wife Is Almost Due?”

It’s a great thing to accompany expectant mothers to their doctor’s visits and to be there for them to talk about their emotions as well since doing so may help them cope with the intense emotions that come with being pregnant. And their partner is the greatest individual to offer assistance. A wife feels utmost comfortable when her husband is by her side. Read the story to know what happens and what you think of this scenario.

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Now, I fully understand how the title sounds, and I’ve seen posts like this from the wife’s point of view, but please hear me out.

My wife is really close to giving birth, and we are both super excited to welcome our baby girl into this world! However, the issue is the fact that my 92 year old grandfather is sick and will most likely pass on in the next week or so. He has been one of the kindest, best , and coolest people I’ve known, and he had a huge hand in raising me, so I want to fly over there in a couple of days to say goodbye and attend his funeral.

My wife feels that this isn’t as important as seeing the birth of my daughter. Should she go into labor while I’m gone, and while I know that the birth is extremely important , but I really want to say goodbye, and this can’t wait, so am I A JERK? What should I do?

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