“She Calls Me Selfish”: Spoiled Mother Wants An $8k Baby Crib, Her Sister Refuses, Starting A Family Drama.

Finding the ideal present for a baby shower may be challenging. But what happens when the expecting woman insists that you spend a lot of money on it. Read the story of this baby shower gift and let us know if you agree with the woman’s choice to give her sister’s baby shower.

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I’m 34F. My little sister 28F is about to give birth to her first child in the next couple months and we’re all ecstatic. My sister has a baby shower coming up at the end of this month. She has several things already but is lacking major things like a crib, stroller, diaper bin, etc.

I would consider her the gc. She’s never worked a day in her life. From her car to her expenses to her wedding to the home, she resides in, it was all paid for by my parents. Yes, she is spoiled, can be a very big brat at times, but I love her. While it has caused some tension among our siblings because we didn’t receive the same treatment, I honestly appreciate being independent so there’s no jealousy on this end. Parents are now retired though so they’re living on a budget.

My sister is having a girl and I knew she mentioned wanting her to have a pink crib. I had my son seven years ago and had a practically brand-new crib in storage that could have been painted pink, only she didn’t want a ‘used’ crib. Fair. My parents suggested we (me and them) get her a crib since my siblings were going to get her something else she needed. I’m in the medical field so my shifts are all over the place.

My mother states they’d found the perfect crib and that all they needed was me to send my half. I’m thinking maybe a couple hundred bucks. NOPE! My half was supposed to be a little over 4.5K! I immediately tell her that I would not be providing such a substantial amount of money for a crib! For that price it better come with a nanny! She goes on to state that this is what my sister wants, and she deserves it! I asked would she be sleeping in this crib? This is a crib for her baby! It’s a Lydian Crib, Walnut w/24k G, with tax it’s a little over 7k, with the custom pink paint job that’s another 1k. I’ve never heard of such! Am I out of touch? Is this how much cribs are now going for? The crib is nothing spectacular! It looks regular with a square shaped gold emblem on the front of it! WTF?

Once I tell her that I’m not giving that kind of money, she calls me selfish. Ask me what’s so hard about me doing this for my sister since I make a nice salary and can afford it. I told her any person with common sense would not spend that kind of money, then again she’s always lacked common sense when it came to my sister. Sister found out and now I’ve been disinvited to the shower, which is okay with me. My siblings are standing with me and not going either and they’ve refused to buy some ridiculous stroller that’s over 2k. Now my mother and sister are blaming me for ruining her shower. What are your opinions? Should I buy her what she wants?

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