Parents Kick Out Their “Nerdy” Son, Thinking It’s His Sister Who Pays Their Bills, Ask Him To Come Back After She Confesses.

It’s comforting to know that your loved ones are good people who provide a secure home for their children, but, unfortunately, not everyone can say the same. Read this story of what happened between a son and his parents and how you would deal with the situation.

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This happened a while back, maybe 3-4 years ago. My college friend told me about how his cousin basically screwed over his family by moving out when they told him to.

Note: to make it easier to follow i’m gonna use fake names cousin(jack), cousin sister(tina), cousin’s parents( bob & mary)

So jack is roughly 28 and still living with his parents, but he pays their bills (elec, water, internet, etc.) and this is a big 2-story house so the bill is big too; his sister, 24, had left the house by then and gotten married to a guy that makes good money. She had taken credit for paying the bills and convinced Bob and Mary to kick him out because he’s a “shut-in loser” because none of them understood his job.

A bit of backstory on their parents, my friend tells me they’re like those stereotypical teens in those cliche highschool movies, basically they look down on nerds and think people who study hard are ‘uncool’ that type of thing. Anyway they kept that mentality even after growing up and having kids, so they always looked down on jack for being nerdy and favortised tina because she was pretty and popular in highschool, but apparently jack didn’t really care because his personal life had friends he cared about and he connected more with his relatives.

So they all confront him and after badmouthing him about how he stays in his room mostly and how his sister, her husband & child need the space, told him he has till the end of the month to leave, this was done close to the first week; jack didn’t say a word he just nodded and left by the end of that week and moved 3 cities away to a city closer to his other relatives.

2 months go by and his sister calls him asking why this month’s bills weren’t paid, as their lights and water had been shut off, he tells her that she should’ve paid them since she was “allegedly” paying them before. About a week goes by and he gets a call from his parents explaining how his sister confessed to everything and how he can come back and have his old room back so long as he kept helping them pay the bills. He refused saying he’s enjoying living by himself now and how he can focus on his work more because he’s away from them; afterwards he blocked their numbers and now they have to pay for it themselves, he doesn’t know what happened after because they’re no longer invited to family gatherings.

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