Am I Wrong For Switching To A Different Hotel During Vacation With My Husband.

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It is our first real vacation since 2020 and my first with just my husband and in over 10 years.

Our daughter Annie (17) was left home alone. For some reason recently Annie can do no right in hubby’s eyes. Dress, music, chores. He has deemed her irresponsible. It is the farthest from the truth. She has a summer job and makes good grades. She’s in-fact kinda a hermit for her age.

Unknown to me my husband set the hot water heater to refill only once a day while we are gone. Annie did some dishes and laundry. She took a shower and the water was cold. She was upset and thought it broke and called us panicking.

My husband yelled at her for wasting our hot water and telling her how irresponsible she was enough to make her cry.

I got madder than I ever have in this marriage and basically said most parents would love to have a 17 year old like Annie. We argued and screamed all night so the next day I left the resort to a little hotel down the street. My husband has been trying to call me and I told Annie to block her father and not pay attention to him.

My husband is mad about the wasted money on this vacation but I can’t stand to even look at him over an argument over something so stupid and preventable. Did I go too far here?

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