Teen Who Helped Plan Her Parents’ Wedding Realizes She’s Not Invited Because It’s A “No Kids Affair”

Source: Reddit

My (14F) parents (30F and 31M) had me when they were teenagers. There were a lot of sacrifices on their behalf, but we have a rather comfortable life nowadays and they are both good parents.

They have been saving for quite a while and they finally want to have their dream wedding. My mom has been planning this wedding for years and she talked about it with me a lot, asking for my suggestions. I’d say I helped plan the wedding with how much we’ve talked about it and the amount of suggestions I made she incorporated.

A few days ago, my parents told me they decided to have a “no kids” wedding, so no one under 21 would come. I felt hurt at first, but they said they wanted to party like the wedding they had wanted to have before they turned 18, and I thought it was fair. Today, they told me that they plan to have my four cousins (2, 5, 7 and 8M) stay with me at our house for the whole day so my three aunts can come and I wouldn’t be alone. I said I didn’t want to be a babysitter after I was pretty much excluded from a wedding I helped plan, and it was my parents’ wedding I was being excluded from.

My friend called me an ungrateful b****h and said it would be my way of contributing to the wedding, and it will be ruined if I don’t accept it. My father talked to me later about it and said it was just a day, it’s the least I could do to them after all they sacrificed for me in their youth. Am I the a**h**e here?

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