Am I Wrong For Telling My Husband To Stop Being Disappointed Over Our Baby’s Gender.

Children are a gift from God. No matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, These little angels are a true blessing to the family. Read this story to know why the husband was disappointed during the gender reveal party. Let us know what you would have done in the wife’s place.

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My 26F husband 27M and I are having twins and I’m expected to be due in December 2022. We already have a son together who’s 15 months. We are both more than excited for this moment and we had our gender reveal last Saturday. We invited our inner circle of friends and family. We did the cliche popper that lets out confetti and each of us had 1, which represented the gender for each twin.

When we popped the confetti, we found out that both twins will be girls. I was very excited because I always envisioned myself being a mother of girls and knowing that I will be having even more than one made me feel amazing. However, when my husband realized the genders, he seemed visibly disappointed and bummed, and apparently our guests noticed as well. My husband really wanted at least one boy, he even started picking out toys and names. He acted like this for a few minutes. Even his friends had to comfort him in front of everyone and tell him that he should just be grateful.

I honestly got second hand embarrassment that my husband needed to be comforted in front of everyone because he’s going to be having healthy girls. After that he tried to cheer up, but you could still tell he was still very upset. I was upset at him but brushed it off until the party was over. After it was done I confronted him about it, and why he did that. I told him he should just be grateful and that he already has a son. I told him how embarrassing it was that everyone we knew had to see him act like a child just because of the gender of his children were girls. We started going at it and are still acting kind of sour to each other. I obviously love him and I want to diffuse the tension but I need to know if I am TA. What is your opinion? What should I do?

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