Bride Blames Sister-In-Law For Ruining The Wedding By Bringing Eggs To Their Vegan Wedding.

Weddings are meant to celebrate love and enjoy good food, music and having a good time. Most of the weddings have certain rules and conditions like colour code, child free wedding, am don this story a vegan wedding. Read the story to know what happened in this vegan wedding and let us know what are your thoughts on it.

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I realise from the title I probably immediately sound like TA, but hear me out.

So my (21F) brother (26M) got married last weekend. He and my new SIL (26F) had known each other for a few years now, and naturally I was invited to the wedding. She had been vegan since she was 12 and had also converted my brother in recent years, so they decided to make the wedding vegan.

Basically, this meant that all the catering was vegan food, even the alcohol, and they used petals from their garden instead of plastic confetti and things like that to make the wedding as eco-friendly as possible. I have no problem with any of this and think it’s great.

Anyway, the problem is this. The issue I often have with eating anywhere is that I have multiple allergies: peanuts, Soy, sesame and a mild shellfish allergy as well. The first 3 I named are very serious and have landed me in hospital in the past because of cross contamination, so I’m really weary. I talked to my brother about if there would be anything safe for me to eat at the event, but because they’re using a local neighbourhood ladies business as the catering service instead of something professional I did not feel comfortable enough that there was absolutely zero chance of me having a reaction, especially because the allergens were ingredients in many of the dishes. It felt too risky, so I said I’d bring my own food and he agreed that was the best option. I’ve done this with plenty of such events in the past and it’s never been a problem.

The wedding day arrives and it is time to eat. Everyone is digging into the food, and I pull out my tupperware quite happily and dig in when I see the bride staring at me with horror on her face. I had bought a homemade sort of salad box which had 2 eggs on top and she literally just stared at me in disgust the entire time we ate without saying anything. After the meal is finished, she pulled me to the side and said I “ruined her meal and her appetite” and “ruined her day” and that I’m clearly “a selfish person because I can’t even go one meal without animal secretions in a vegan wedding” and that it was seriously disrespectful because the fact it was a vegan wedding was the main focus.

In my eyes, I bought my own food because they weren’t able to provide me with something which was safe to eat, and it’s not like I brought a steak. I had 2 eggs in a big salad and she must have been specifically staring at my food to even realise they were there. However I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the a**h**e because my brother also said it was in poor taste and I should have brought something else. So what are your thoughts, Am I really wrong? What is your opinion?

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