Am I Wrong For Telling My Sister She Can’t Name Her Baby After My Dead Husband.

A child’s name is special and important to the parents. However in this story a woman cried when she heard her sister’s baby’s name and requested it to be change as they had initially thought for a different name. Read the story and let us know what you think of this situation.

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I (30F) am 8 months pregnant with my first child, a boy. My husband Rodrigo (35M) died in the army 3 months ago. My sister Kayla (28F) just gave birth five days ago. She and her BF live with our parents, and I temporarily moved in as well (it’s a very big house) because I hated being alone and my parents have been very supportive.

We were going to name the baby Alex, and I am still going with that, plus Rodrigo as a middle name. My sister never discussed baby names with me or the family, she just always said she loves Hispanic names (we are white Americans, my husband was Mexican).

Yesterday she came back home with the baby and introduced us all to “baby boy Rodrigo”. I started crying and told her that’s really awful of her. My mother comforted me and told my sister she is way out of line with the name. Sister says I don’t own the name, it’s a common name where we live (it is) and I am going with Rodrigo as a middle name anyway, not a first, so it won’t be a problem.

I told my sister to just change the name to literally anything else. She says I’m a Jerk for suggesting she changes her kid’s identity. Does she have a valid point? Am I Overreacting?

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