Man Throws Fit At The Mall After His Fiance Won’t Buy An Expensive Watch.

Every relationship has it ‘s own ups and downs. In this story a woman took a decision to leave her fiance at the mall for a reason. Read the story to know why and let us know how you would deal with the situation.

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Me (F/32) and my fiancè (M/30) Aaron have been together for 2 years. I have a high paying job and work long hours. He has (used to) a 3 week shift in a job that pays (ied) x5 less than mine. We’re on pretty great terms on everything except money. He’s a big spender and spends so much on fancy stuff although his job does not give him this luxury. He constantly likes, and wants new stuff like watches, gadgets, electronics and car accessories and I do my best to use every occasion (like christmas and BDays and new year) to get him what he wants.

Lately, and after he lost his job, I’ve been noticing him tagging along whenever I go shopping then have me buy him expensive stuff right there and then. I end up paying to avoid causing a scene in public because he’d beg me then start throwing a fit if I refuse.

I talked to him about it since it seemed like a pattern but he said he “just happened” to see something he liked and thought I could pay for it. I told him that I no longer feel comfortable with this and that next time he tries to put me on the spot, then have me pay for something he likes then throw a tantrum if I refuse then I’d walk out and leave him there. He crossed his heart and said he’d NEVER do such thing.

On wednesday, we went to the mall to get a father’s day gift for mt dad and we walked by the accessories store. Aaron told me to stop and follow him as he entered the store. I knew this wasn’t going well because he repeatedly tried on this watch that was worth over 350$$,,,,and expressed his admiration for it.

He then asked if I could pay for it but I said no and lied about having only 300 for my dad’s gift which’s why we were there in the first place. He started going on and on about how cool and “catch” the watch was then asked if my dad was more important than him. I looked around and saw people looking at us as he started raising his voice. I told him to knock it off but he refused and insisted I pay for it. I just turned around and walked out of the store and out of the mall.

I got in my car and went home. He started calling me non stop but we didn’t talk til he got home. He blew up saying I reacted ridiculously and selfishly after he begged me and I refused. He said that I then made a joke out of him by walking out and leaving him at the mall. I told him of what I said would happen if he decided to put me in this position again, he argued that all he was asking was for just 350$$ and even showed me a small notebook saying he’s been writing down everything I pay for so he could pay me back but I was too selfish to even consider it.

He yelled at me then went out to meet his friends. His best friend tried to get involved by shaming me for how I behaved at the mall and hinting that what I was doing was borderline financial control. Am I A Jerk? should I have just paid for the watch? 

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