Am I Wrong – I Told My Sister She Chose The Life That She Has And Shouldn’t Complain.

Sister’s love is precious and pure. Having a sister means having a best friend. This story is about two sisters but read the story to know how their relationship was and let us know what you think about the situation.

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To start this off, I’m going to give you some context as to what she did and why I don’t pity her. I (28F) have a sister, Caitlin, who is one year older than me. Growing up, we were dirt poor. Our family nailed almost every single southern hillbilly stereotype on the head. We both did decently, but neither of us had ever considered college. 

Caitlin graduated high school first and got a full time job immediately. She began to help with bills, but at some point began thinking about maybe going to school. I was having the same thoughts a year later when I graduated. Well, what we hadn’t known was that when our great-grandma died, she left my dad all that she had which came up to a sum of a couple thousand dollars that they decided to save for us. And because Cait began talking about maybe going to school, Mom began to save her bill money to add to the sum of the money. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t a lot, so our parents sat us down and explained that they had money for only one of us to go to school and that they would have to think about who to give it to. 

I was prepared to fight for this chance, because I realized this was my chance to better myself. I was ready to do whatever it took, but I didn’t end up needing to because Cait gave up. 

I guess Caitlin realized she wouldn’t be picked because I had better grades and was more well-liked because Mom told me later that day that she had backed down and said to give it to me.

So fast forward, I got my BSN and worked as a travel nurse. I do very well for myself and live 2hrs away from my hometown. I went to visit my sister because she’s pregnant with my nephew and I missed her and brought some gifts. We had lunch and were just chatting about what we were up to when she began to complain and whine that she was tired and asked if I didn’t mind if she vented. Before I could answer, she started talking about how she was tired all of the time from her shifts at work and then having to come home to her kids and her husband. It sounded a lot like she was regretting her life and after about twenty minutes, it was starting to get on my nerves. She would not stop or change the topic.

Finally, I lost it and told her that I wasn’t here to listen to her complain and that she really shouldn’t complain about the life she chose. I told Caitlin that if she didn’t have to get married or have a low paying job, and if she had wanted to better herself, she should’ve fought harder to go to college instead of giving up before she even tried. It ended in her crying, which I felt horrible about, and then she went home without saying anything else. I tried apologizing for how I phrased it, but not for anything I actually said because it was true, but she won’t accept it. Our parents have been giving me the cold shoulder and I feel lost because they won’t listen to my side of why I said what I said. Am I A Jerk? 

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