Am I Wrong Ignoring My Husband When He Did This While I Was In The Hospital.

A pregnant woman is rushed to the ER with severe cramping and bleeding while her husband is away visiting his family. Upon being discharged, she discovers her husband has been ignoring her calls and messages while getting drunk, leading to an argument with his family that leaves her feeling embarrassed and unsupported.

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My husband (24M) is visiting his family in florida, im (24F) visiting mine in pennsylvania. im currently 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. the past few days i was having pretty bad cramping which i thought was just maybe braxton hicks or round ligament pain, so i ignored it. well yesterday, it started getting severely worse and there was blood in my urine. i waited a few hours but when the pain didn’t lighten up, i called my husband and informed him i was going to the ER.

i was told it was a severe uti, on the verge of becoming a kidney infection, which was causing me to have contractions along with a fever. i texted my husband about 20 times while in the hospital and didn’t get a response. after finally discharged, i called him, and he was absolutely sh*t faced. of course i get angry at him, inform him that i am angry, and say i don’t want to speak to him tonight. well he decided to start messaging his family’s group chat that i am apart of, also a discord server i talk to all my online friends in because i wasn’t responding to his text messages. i’ll copy a couple messages.

“I’m sorry I’m not ever allowed to drink, I came home to visit my family one time and drank once. I’m sorry I wanted to spend time with my family once having fun. If you never want me to drink and spend time with my family then f**k it I’ll never talk to them again but my dad died and I see them for the first time since and you are mad that I drank with them once”

“Ok sorry I wanted to have a drink one time with my family after my dad passed I’ll never take a sip of alcohol again just for you”

for reference, his dad passed away 7 months ago. I have NEVER told my husband he’s not allowed to drink, I even encouraged him multiple times to go out with his family, and I made plans for him to visit them. I immediately call him to try to mediate and calm him down to stop the embarrassment he was causing me, but instead his sister answers the phone. She goes on to tell me I need to learn to trust, that her and his family told him to stay off his phone and to ”relax and have fun!” since it was his last night there, that i need to “let past sh*t go”, and told me i am “sensitive and dramatic” due to being pregnant. and then he ignored me for the rest of the night. Now I just need to know, am I the a***hole in this situation? edit to add – he was not drunk before i went to the hospital, i spoke with him on the phone prior.

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