Am I Wrong Making Step-Mom Look Crazy To Avoid Babysitting Her Kids.

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I (16F) live with my dad. My mom passed away in a bad accident a couple of years ago. My dad met Josie in a grief group or something like that and they got married last year. Josie has two kids (8M,6M) and I hate living with them tbh. 8M has like really bad ADHD and is constantly accidentally breaking things, making messes, and has meltdowns over the smallest things. 6M is kinda similar but not quite as bad. They both get into my room and take things or break them. I babysat them once when our parents were dating and I’d rather jump off a building than ever have to watch them again, I stg. Josie offered to pay me when they were dating but I said no.

Now that we all live together, she’s been trying to make me deal with them more and more, usually while my dad’s not home. My dad thinks I should bond with them more but he said I don’t have to babysit. Josie keeps trying to pull the “just watch them for an hour while I go to the store” or loading me up with chores since I’m not watching the kids. I have chores that I do already, so it’s not like I’m doing nothing, I just want some time to myself on the weekend. My dad doesn’t see it happen so he thinks I’m exaggerating.

I have the smaller bedroom in the house we moved into, but I found out when I was putting stuff away that it has a hatch into like a side attic. Nobody else knows about it. I’ve started keeping stuff I don’t want anyone else to get in there and it’s big enough that I can spread out a blanket and some pillows and read or work on my laptop in peace. I had the idea to just go in there and avoid Josie when my dad’s not home and it worked. She called for me and came looking for me but couldn’t find me. My dad texted me and asked where I was and I told him in my room and dropped my phone location for him to see. Josie still couldn’t find me, but I slipped out before my dad came home and was laying on my bed with a book when he got there. Josie got big mad asking where I’ve been and I said in my room. My dad showed her the location I sent when she said I was lying and snuck out. Now they’re arguing because Josie insists I wasn’t in the house and my dad thinks she’s lying and taking it out on me because I wouldn’t babysit.

I do feel a little bad now because I am making Josie look kinda nuts, but I also don’t want to babysit or spend my entire Saturday doing chores.

Am I Wrong ?

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