Woman Praised For Asking Sister To Leave When She Refused To Babysit Her Kid.

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I (f30) live with my husband (m31) and our son (m5). My sister (f22) is still in college and had to move out with us three months ago because she had some issues with her roommates. Things were going fine until this argument, also she doesn’t work but my parents send her some money for textbooks and groceries although she barely ever has contributed to the household since she moved in with us. We also live in a different state from our parents and family so I’m basically throwing her in the streets by kicking her out which would make me a big a**hole.

So, my son comes back from school at around 3pm/3:30. My husband works until 6 and I work until 5 although sometimes I have to stay an hour or two extra (this is not normal, maybe three or four times per month when we’re behind in a project). We had a babysitter that would wait until he’s back (he comes back home via the school bus) and would stay with him until me or my husband come back from work. However, she recently discovered she’s sick and told us that she can’t continue working as she has to go through treatment, we thanked her for telling us and wished she would get better soon.

I asked my sister to babysit our son until we can get a new babysitter given that she doesn’t have classes at that time. She told me she never agreed to babysit when she moved in here and that I should’ve told her beforehand so she could find somewhere else to live. I told her that I knew this wasn’t our agreement but this was something exceptional since our babysitter has medical issues, it’s not either of our fault and she would prefer a 100 times to not be in this situation. She still told me she can’t babysit because sometimes she has to go to the library or to study with friends and babysitting would limit her hours of studying. I got angry, maybe too angry, so I told her that we never ask anything from her, we helped her because we wanted to be kind with her, and yet she can’t even compromise to stay a few hours home just until we find a new babysitter. I ended up telling her she has a week to leave because we will not be providing food or a roof to a bi**h like her. One of my son’s friend’s mom is taking care of my son now, they go back to her home together and I pick him up later.

My sister tried to apologize but I told her I don’t want to live with her because she showed me her true colors. She also has told our family and a lot of them are giving me sh*t for leaving my sister homeless. My husband, my in-laws and friends support me but it feels hard if my family isn’t on my side, which makes me think I’m an a**hole to be honest.

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