Mother Refused To Punish Son For Calling His Classmate Food Weird.

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I (F32) got a private text this morning from the mother of my son’s (M7) classmate. She told me that apparently my son has been calling her daughter’s traditional lunch weird and things as such and apparently that is making her daughter feel uncomfortable and insecure. She asked me to please talk to my son about being more sensitive and respectful so her daughter doesn’t feel excluded.

Now, I feel for this woman as a fellow mother. No one wants to see their child feeling sad, but overcoming insecurities is a big part of growing up. Additionally, I thought it was ridiculous of her to criticize my son, a 7 year old, for making relatively innocuous and curious comments about food that is not familiar to him. He’s at a curious age and is discovering the world, and I refuse to try and limit him and shut him down for not having the emotional sensitivity of an adult.

Politely, I told that mother that I was sorry her daughter was struggling with insecurities, and I found some online parenting articles about building your child’s confidence to send to her so she could use some tips to help her daughter out.

She replied and said I was acting completely shamelessly and disgracefully, and I am not able to text her anymore. Am I wrong?

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