Am I Wrong mentioning my best friend’s former crush on me in a speech at his wedding

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Okay, I’m currently in a predicament. And frankly, I could really use some opinions. For backstory, I (F27) met one of my best friends Christian (M26) back in 2010 during our freshman year of high school. We became friends and remained close over the years since, making a lot of great memories and sharing mutual close friends.

From 2013 to 2016, Christian had pretty serious unrequited feelings for me. However, he eventually got over me, and I had never even let his feelings harm our friendship. If anything, our friendship honestly got closer after he got over me. In early 2018, Christian met Victoria (F29) at a bar, and they hit it off. They started dating after two weeks, got engaged in late 2021, and the wedding happened yesterday night.

It was honestly a great time, as I watched with my parents and mutual friends as this kid I’ve known for 12 years was getting married to the love of his life. Plus, Victoria and I honestly had a pretty decent relationship, and according to Christian, she didn’t really seem to care about his past feelings as time went on.

Anyway, as the night kept going with a lot of music and dancing, I got up to eventually give a speech for Christian. I talked about how we first met, how much our lives changed since then, and just how great of a person Christian was.

The attendees were clearly touched, and Christian and Victoria both looked happy. As I talked more about our history, I jokingly mentioned how Christian had the hots for me, but that didn’t matter because he found his soulmate and that our friendship was stronger than some unrequited feelings. Most of the crowd laughed, and I could even see Christian smiling for a second before seeing Victoria’s confused face. After the speech was over, I went over to the bar with a few friends. Christian came up and hugged me, thanking me for the speech.

However, at our hotel, one of my other best friends Deven (F27) told me she had heard gossip from the bridesmaids that Victoria was really upset with me for bringing up Christian’s previous feelings for me at the wedding. Apparently, Victoria genuinely had no issue with Christian’s feelings, but felt it was inappropriate to mention them at a wedding. I sincerely intended no harm with my actions, maybe I didn’t read the room? Everyone I’ve told is honestly split on whether I’m the bad guy or not, so it’s definitely been polarizing. Christian hasn’t mentioned any of this to me, and I’m not sure I should ask him. Did i go too fare here? What are your opinions?

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