Rich Son Backed For Not Helping His Homeless Parents Who Can’t Even Afford To Buy Food.

Parents that are understanding and kind have loving kids. Your attachment to your relationship with your kid reflects how the youngster will be nurtured in the future. However, not all children have a good bond with their parents like this story. Read the story. Do you think the child has made the right decision?

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My parents are terrible with money. When I(27F) was little my father gambled away all the saving about $100,000 in risky penny stocks which got wiped out in 2008 and we were forced to move into a single bedroom in a house for the 3 of us. Then my mom fell for an MLM and you can image what happened, they lost the down payment to the house they were saving for. I begged them not to sign up for it since I saw it was clearly a scam and showed them evidence it was and they just laughed at me and ignored me.

They lost about $28,000 from that. Then recently they fall for a college signup scam and lost $32,000. They weren’t signing up for college they just needed a loan and tried to go though a “private broker” who promised to get them a school loan that they would use on whatever they wanted. I went with them to see the broker and told them it was a scam and they ignored me. So basically they were trying to scam the government and got scammed instead. I actually tried to pry the pen away from my father hands when I got desperate as he was writing down his bank info and SSN and he screamed at me I was embarrassing him and did it anyway.

Again they lost money and now they are homeless because their credit is crap and they can barely afford even crappy apartments. They probably can’t get that money back since they have little documentation on the broker and what he promised. Now they live in their car and are begging me for money.

I have about $100,000 saved waiting to buy a house and they know about it because I stupidly told them I was saving for a house and now are calling me and showing up at my apartment asking for money. They also want to move in in the meantime but my roommate and I agreed visitation from friends or family is max a week to prevent resentment and if my parents move in they probably will refuse to move out. They are going to food pantries and honestly I can’t find it I’m myself to be that sympathetic since they don’t listen to me until they need my money. 

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