Am I Wrong Telling My Boyfriend I Don’t Want His Kids Mother To Call During Outings.

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I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years, and we have a blended family of 6 (two children each). It’s been quite the transition for everyone living together, but we are at a place of harmony.

His ex insists on calling almost every single night to say goodnight to the kids (his daughter is here on weekends and his son lives with us) and I have no issue with this. Sometimes it’s annoying but we are mostly at home most nights and it’s no issue.

This weekend we are going to Great Wolf Lodge, a huge indoor water park, and I told my boyfriend that I would prefer she didn’t call during our stay (we are staying 1 night). He doesn’t want to “make waves” with her because she’s kind of a B****, and I get that, but I can’t imagine every outing, every trip, every vacation having her call every single night. I’d like to enjoy our time as a family and it is not her time. Am I the Jerk for asking she f&*k off when we have something special planned?

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