Parents of “deformed” fetus go against doctor’s suggestion to abort: take a look at the child that turned to be a blessing

Like any other parent, Sarah Heller and Chris Eidam from Nebraska waited for their first baby. But the duo learned of somewhat rare when they went for their 24-week ultrasound.

They got to know that their baby, who was going to be called Brody, had a two-sided cleft lip and palate. Any parent would be shocked to hear of such abnormality but to the couple, it was still sweet little Brody that was going to sanctify their lives.

The couple said they were not going to terminate and carry on with the pregnancy when the medics inquired if they wanted to keep the baby. Sarah also believed of altering the way societies looked at children with cleft lip and palates.

Sarah said that it is all right to be full of pride of your baby no matter the situations. They sought to change what new-born pictures on their social media accounts looked like. The couple wanted to spread consciousness of the abnormality.

Children born with cleft lips and palates cannot eat, express and even respire without undertaking numerous surgical procedures. Such babies also have to go through therapy treatments to learn to speak and eat even after the surgical treatment. 

When the couple were steering their hard work at altering the way people look at children with cleft lips and palates, they received a lot of disapproval. Several individuals on Instagram sent Sarah disheartening posts when she had posted one of the initial photographs of her son. 

She had received a hurtful comments and any mom would be annoyed and upset at such remarks. Though, Sarah believed that she was not ready enough to shield her son’s look, thus she initiated educating individuals on cleft lips and palates in a diverse method. 

She decided to teach rather making a conflict since that is what she desires her son to do in the future. She said that she will want him to train, to be an supporter for younger cleft kids who don’t have their own voice yet. As a consequence, she was met with compassion when she least estimated. 

Sarah memories an event when she was out at a dinner with Brody and some of her contacts made painful comments. When an attendant carried them a portion of paper, it appeared like a paper towel first but when she opened the paper, it was a cheque for $1,000 and with a message that this is for the lovely baby. This accidental piece of compassion from an outsider bought her to tears.

She said that this experience has revealed them just how robust the cleft community is. They have been communicated by people all over the country and they are praying for them and asking them to reach out if they want whatsoever.

The couple used the money to pay some of the expenditures for Brody’s operation. Brody undertook a lip overhaul surgery last year and is going to need more than a few others in the future. But he is like any other kid, robust and fit.  

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