Am I Wrong Telling My Son That If He Can’t Help Then He Can Pay For His Own Stuff.

Parenting is a difficult task. Each parent has their unique approach to interacting with their kids. Nevertheless, for their children’s future, parents must teach them to perform their own job or assist with minor household duties. Read the tale to find out what occurred on this family vacation and if you agree with the mother’s reaction to her son.

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I am a mother of 5 and a half, (46f). I am five months pregnant, I have twin girls who i’ll call Lisa and Sophia (10f), my youngest boy, Joshua (17m), my baby girl, Emily who is one, and my oldest son, Danny (21m).

We were on a trip to Hawaii a few weeks ago, my husband didn’t come because of an unexpected work emergency, but he told us to have fun. My twins cried, A LOT, so my son Joshua and I comforted them, but Danny stood doing nothing. We had so many fun things planned to do with their father, but since he couldn’t come we didn’t end up doing much, but what ever we did, (except eat) Danny was absent for it. Like for example, going to the beach, banana boats, Luaus, and watching his younger sisters when they just wanted to go to the pool, he’d stay in his room on his phone, chatting with his friends.

The next week of vacation I was stressed with Danny. I hated having to put most of the work on Josh because he wanted to have fun too, and my daughters helped with the baby. I called him down to help, but he said he “wanted to relax and chill.” when we literally came here to relax, chill, and have FUN, though we weren’t having lots of fun with less help, a crying baby, two ten year olds who wanted to go to the pool but had to do what I had capability of doing while carrying, and my other son who wanted to get away from his sisters for at least an hour. It was a mess.

I shouted at him “If you can’t step up and help the woman who gave birth to you, lets you live in her house rent free, while giving you a job, whose money you just spend on silly games instead of getting an apartment, then you can get out of my house and pay for your own stuff.” He looked shocked and left, and just about an hour after, my SIL, and my in laws called, asking me why I’d shout at my son when he did nothing, I told them, “Yeah he’s been doing nothing except eating and chatting in his room with his silly friends, instead of helping his mother and siblings.” and hung up.

When we got back from our vacation, my husband yelled at our son for not helping, and sent him up to his room. Lots of our family are on my side, but my in-laws think I was in the wrong, so Am I A Jerk? What are your opinions? 

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