Woman Goes Topless At The Beach Gets Avoided From Her Friends.

Your beach trip is intended to be relaxing, but it doesn’t always imply that the transition is smooth. The smooth sand beneath your feet, the gorgeous waves crashing on the beach, and the entire ocean at your fingers are all quite relaxing. Read to know what happened in this beach holiday with friends and what are your views on this story.

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I was invited to a 3-day vacation with 3 of my girl friends and their husbands plus 2 of the husbands’ single guy friends. On the last day we were exploring the city and came upon a beach. It looked nice and fun so we hung out there for a while before stumbling on an adults-only nude section of it.

There weren’t many people overall but I did see a few other women in the distance without tops on, so I felt it was clear to take mine off as well. It was great! Nobody else joined me though. We all continued to talk and joke in a circle for a while and I thought we were all having a really fun time. Then one of my friends said she felt sick so we left abruptly early, and our conversation on the way back was basically uncomfortably silent with the exception of low talking (that i wasn’t part of) and some of the guys goofing around.

Later that night at the main room I find myself avoided by almost everyone until I’m confronted like it’s an intervention by the three girls about how it was inappropriate for me to ‘expose’ myself in front of their husbands. I was shocked and told them I didn’t mean anything by it. They said, isn’t it obvious that you don’t just go naked in front of your friends’ husbands and be like “notice how you were the ONLY ONE and you didn’t wonder why??” This exploded into a further argument with me calling them insecure about their relationships until it culminated eventually into them all saying they don’t trust me to be part of their friend group anymore.

All I thought I was doing was enjoying myself at a beach, not ‘exposing’ myself to their husbands. Did I go too far here? Do they have a valid point?

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