Am I Wrong Telling Overweight Sister She Should Wear Clothes That Fits Her.

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I (30f) love my sister (24), we get along great. Growing up not so much. My sister has always struggled with other weight issues to the point that we were NEVER allowed to use the word fat, even if it wasn’t to describe a person. She had worked through a lot of her confidence issues but once our mom passed she regressed mentally and began binge eating.

She is now much heavier but refuses to buy new clothes. This has been over the past couple of years. I never said anything before because of how sensitive this topic is for her. Well she got a “big girl job”. She started a week ago. We met up for lunch and as she walked in and her stomach was hanging out. She fixed it but then it immediately came out again. I asked her if she was WFH or in the office. She said in the office and I told her her stomach was out and she said that she knew and was fixing it all day. I told her to go shopping with me this weekend and we’ll get clothes that fit her and I’ll pay since she hasn’t gotten a check.

She said they do fit her and that I shouldn’t body shame her. I explained that she can wear whatever she wants but it’s not appropriate for an office job. She started crying and stormed out. Am I Wrong?

Did I approach this situation incorrectly?

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