Wife Facetimed Husband At A Bachelor Party, She Wasn’t Expecting Such Accusation.

Source: Reddit

After my husband left for his brother’s bachelor weekend trip, our son, who is 2, was very upset because he forgot to tell him that he loved him. I thought he would forget about it and I did try to distract him but he was crying for hours over it and was refusing to sleep so I facetimed my husband in the hopes it would calm him down.

I was planning for the call to be a quick 5 minutes but they were talking for over an hour and I could tell that the others were getting impatient.

My brother-in-law texted me later on and was upset with me because I had called my husband. He said he was just asking me to give him one weekend of my husband’s time and if I needed help I should ask his parents or get a nanny. He thinks I used my son as an excuse to check in on my husband which annoyed me so we had an argument through texts because I told him I’d call my husband whenever I wanted to.

Am I A Jerk? What else could I do?

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