Amber Heard ADMITS to hitting Johnny Depp in audio recordings

In Johnny Depp’s defamation trial, the jury heard audio recordings of Depp and Amber Heard discussing a dispute in which she acknowledges striking him and he alleges she kicked the toilet door into his head. The recordings appear to have been made by Depp, who previously stated that he planned to make it a habit. It was the first time the trial had heard Heard’s voice; she is scheduled to testify later in the proceedings.

In one scene, Heard says to Depp that she didn’t punch him. She is sorry for not giving him a decent slap across the face. She said she wasn’t punching him instead striking him. Where Deep replied that not to tell me how it feels to be punched. Heard continued saying that you were not punched but striked. She said that she didn’t mean to injure him so she just hit him. When Depp mentions a physical fight, Heard responds that she did initiate a physical fight.

Another recording of Depp and Heard was played in court, in which she considered him a ‘f****** piece of sh*t.’ Heard sarcastically remarks on Depp’s kid Jack, saying that she desires to God Jack’s stepfather educates them more about being a man since he is so brilliant at it.

Depp can be heard discussing Heard kicking the bathroom door and punching him in the head. Heard answers that she was unhappy she was on an Ambien, there was a lot going on.

In one more part of the recording Depp discusses how in the Australia occurrence he went to ‘somewhere around five restrooms and two rooms.’

In another segment of the audio, Depp discusses how he went to ‘at least five bathrooms and two bedrooms’ during the Australia event. Later in the debate, Depp protested that Heard had thrown pots at him. Depp stated on the stand that what was just played was very much the tone, the hostility, the attitude, and the urge for a fight from Miss Heard. He is not sure if it was a desire for attention. That was the sound he had become accustomed to, the bickering, the raising of the voice to excommunicate any comment he had about the scenario. 

Amber Heard Admits to Hitting Johnny Depp in New Audio Played in Court — Listen

Amber Heard admits to hitting Johnny Depp in new audio played in court — listen. Plus, Depp gives graphic testimony about finding feces in his bed. Read all the latest here:

Posted by Extra on Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Recalling the altercation that followed the audio recordings, Depp stated that it took place in the Los Angeles penthouse where he shared a home with Heard.

He explained she started beating on the door, and he didn’t answer since he was in the shower as he didn’t want to deal with any more of that snarky, belittling, angry, violent, poisonous gumbo.

She kept knocking and he eventually got out of the shower. While he opened the bathroom door about that far (shows little gap with hands) so he could have a solid grip on the door if she tried to burst in which she did and she was pressing all her weight against the door, wanting to get in, and he was pushing back, refusing to allow her in.

When it was almost closed, she cried in agony and yelled her toes, and he thought for a split second that her foot had gotten stuck under the door. He bent down to examine her because he suspected she was hurt. She kicked the bathroom door into my head as he dropped on his hands and knees to examine her foot. He stood up because he was utterly caught aback by such a caustic, horrible move. By then the door had been opened, and she clocked him in the jaw with her next move.

Another time, Depp stood up and acted out a violent interaction in which she said he fractured her nose. He explained that he was heading into his office. She just started throwing erratic punches at the back and sides of his head. Anything she could relate to. He attempted to evade the attack. Depp stepped up and played out the action at this time. Depp denied making a headbutt, claiming it was only ‘accidental contact.’ Heard allegedly showed Depp a bloodied tissue, but when he checked it in the garbage, he realised it was nail paint.’

Another attack took place when Heard threw a can at his head and hit him on the bridge of his nose while he was on his island in the Bahamas with his daughter Lily-Rose in December 2015.

Depp came nearly two hours late for Heard’s penthouse supper following a meeting with his accountants that exposed the situation of his finances, which he described as a “shock.” He stated that quite an exorbitant lot of money had been removed, it had vanished, and after working 30 something years in the profession, he was astonished to find where he was financially. Due to the situation of his funds, Depp stated that some of his properties may have to be sold. Depp was ‘cold’ to her throughout dinner, but when she attempted to dispute with him later, he just went to bed.

He expressed that Miss Heard entered the bedroom when he was resting on his side of the bed reading.  She was continuing listing all the wrongs he had done to her that day, how untrustworthy he am, what a bad person he was. He didn’t say anything vocally. She didn’t get a jolt from him, she got out of bed, moved around the bed, you’ve had someone blasting numerous bullets at your face, head, neck, whatever she might hit. It was 4.30 a.m. when Depp stepped out and headed to his other residence.

Depp stated that he intended to return to pick up some of his stuff while Heard was away for a few days, but his security guard, Sean Bett, advised him not to. He received some news that was as ludicrous, horrible, and nasty. Depp was provided a picture of the problem on his phone. It was an image of their bed, and on his side of the bed was human faecal matter, so he realised why it wasn’t a good time to go down there.

Depp stated that the final time he saw Heard before the divorce, on May 21, 2016, she brought up the ‘faecal stuff.’ He claimed, ‘she attempted to blame it on the dogs. The dogs are Yorkies, and they each weigh approximately 4 pounds. I lived with those dogs for many years, as did Hilda Vargas, a woman who’s been with me for 30+ years, and she was the one who photographed it. She was as familiar with the dogs as I was, and she realised it didn’t come from a dog.’

Heard, according to Depp, fabricated up charges that Johnny struck her. He was headed towards the kitchen to escape when (Heard’s buddy) Rocky Pennington stormed into the apartment and began shrieking, leave her alone Johnny. He was 20 feet away, beside the refrigerator. She remained seated on the couch. That’s when the yelling began.

According to Depp, Jerry Judge and Sean Bett from Depp’s security team entered the room. Heard said that was the last time he will hit her but he was around 20 feet away.

Depp stated that when Heard filed for a domestic violence restraining order in May 2016, he was forced to notify his children about it. He stated that among those who consoled him were colleagues of his band The Hollywood Vampires, who were on tour in Europe at the time of the divorce. Despite their hard-living reputations, musician Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry were among those who helped him get through it.

Depp informed the court that Heard violated their divorce agreement when she claimed she would send her $7 million settlement to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – she was not permitted to reveal where the money was going. When Depp reacted by paying the initial settlement payment directly to both charities, Heard went into a rant about how he should be charged double the $7 million, he should be charged $14 million because she felt he was seeking for a tax benefit. Depp said the impact of the claims as costing him “nothing less than everything.”

Depp was shown a story published two months before Heard’s op-ed essay claiming that Disney would not be casting Depp as Jack Sparrow in the forthcoming Pirates picture. Depp said in his testimony that Heard’s piece caused him to be sacked from the franchise. Depp remarked that he wasn’t aware of it, but it doesn’t amaze him given two years of continual international chatter about him being this wife abuser. To be safe, he is sure Disney tried to cut ties. At the time, the MeToo movement was in full force.

Depp described an intense altercation he and Heard had in March 2015 in Australia, in which Heard reportedly hurled a bottle of vodka at him, causing the top of his finger to be severed. Depp was transported to the hospital’s emergency department, where he lied to the physicians, claiming that he crushed his finger in some accordion doors because he “didn’t want to get Miss Heard in trouble.”

Depp was given a photograph of his finger taken at the hospital, which he described as “the remnants of my finger.” He put on his prescription sunglasses and gazed at a photo of himself laying on a hospital stretcher. He further explained that he seen a detail he had forgotten. Miss Heard had pulled his cigarette out of the ashtray and stubbed it on his face.

However, while Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, the pair was in Australia. Heard alleges that Depp used a knife to cut off his fingertip during the dispute, and her team describes it as a “three-day hostage scenario” in which Depp was continuously abusive.

Depp, on the other hand, took the stand on Wednesday and told the court that Heard was unhappy with him after she met with his attorneys to discuss a post-nuptial arrangement. Heard stated that one of the lawyers mocked her, but he subsequently determined that this was not the case.

The 58-year-old told the jury in his $100 million defamation trial that he remained with Heard despite the alleged violence as he was afraid she would commit suicide, as his mother did after his father abandoned her. Miss Heard had mentioned suicide on a couple of occasions, so that obviously plays a role. That’s something else that’s constantly lurking in the back of the mind.

When Depp tried to leave, she’d stop him at the elevator with the security guards, wailing and shouting, she can’t live without him, she’ll die. There were a handful of instances when he did escape, and five minutes later she’d come at his West Hollywood home in her nightgown screaming in the parking lot in front of his house, shouting to the high skies, and it’d be four a.m.’ It was absurd and completely out of control. 

Depp stated in court that he intended to ‘bring Amber around.’

The Amber Heard he knew for the first year and a half wasn’t this opponent. She had become my adversary, and whatever he did just didn’t fit her; she refused to accept it.’ He mentioned their blowout fights, which he said turned violent. Miss Heard would strike out in her exasperation, hatred, and anger. It may start with a slap, a shove, hurling a TV remote at his head, or hurling a glass of wine in his face, but it was always the same.

There was a built-in list of his personal experiences, which he told Miss Heard – those things were used as weapons against him, especially when it came to his children. The only desire he ever had arrived in an instant, the second his first child arrived, which was to be a wonderful dad, a fantastic father, the greatest dad he could be.

Heard, according to Depp, would criticise his parenting. Depp stated that he went into a “monumental tailspin” where he “could barely go and spend time with his kids since she needed to have him there at all times for her own needs,” and that “once you realise it’s happening and there are hassles between the kids and her, the scenario starts to get a little more grim and a little more dire.” That he was not prepared to accept, he would not hear the words he is a bad parent, a terrible dad. After a certain point, he was unable hear it any more and he know it’s not real and he knew it’s to slice him up, bring him down, bring him to the point where he feel there’s something wrong with him. 

In Depp’s words, ‘there’s a lot wrong with me…However, in all of these cases, my primary purpose was to withdraw since the most essential thing is to select your fights. If there’s a war to be waged, it’s a serious and vital one that must be dealt with, but petty insults and teenage high school techniques, this bullying if you will, it was turning out to be a lot of too take.’

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