Man accused of raping four-year-old twins SPITS on photographers as he is booked into jail

Isaiah Metz, a 22 year old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania sexually assaulted four-year-old twins. Metz spit on journalists as he was retained into jail after being arrested in Yonkers, a New York City suburb.

Metz was taken into detention at around 11 pm on Tuesday. He gets away from arrest earlier that day at Antonio Olivieri shelter in Midtown Manhattan in the dawn hours. He supposedly stamped and beaten two officers when they tried an attempt to arrest him.  

Authorities reportedly restrained him with a stun gun late Tuesday and he was taken to a hospital before being transported to the Midtown South Zone, where he was accused of attacking a police officer, criminal intruding and counterattacking arrest.  

The accused also has 115 charges awaiting against him in Pennsylvania comprising three counts of raping a minor and 99 counts of sexual exploitation concerning images and videos. He faces up to a 1,000 years in jail if sentenced on all 115 counts.

The suspected sex offender was accompanied out of the Midtown precinct by police on Wednesday. The red haired young fellow beamed and made hilarious expressions, even seeming to blow a kiss at the cameras as he was accompanied toward a police car. As he walked into Central Booking in suburbs of Manhattan, he spit on journalists. 

On Tuesday morning, cops received a tip that Metz was residing at the Antonio Olivieri homeless shelter situated nearby Eighth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan. An officer and a state trooper reached at the shelter about 4.30am with a permit when a combat broke out and Metz bit a trooper’s limb and stamped another officer before managing to escape. But Cop’s dogs succeeded to track his scent to W 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue.

Metz has been suspect of sexually assaulting four-year-old twins whom he lived with after being adopted into a foster family. As per the affidavit, he was reportedly watching one of the girls on July 24 last year while the other sister went to a doctor’s appointment.

As per the court documents, the family stated that the daughter was more emotional when they came back home and supposedly told them that her vagina injured. Cops apparently took DNA samples from her underclothing as well as the recliner where the attack happened on. Investigators were not able to rule out that the DNA belonged to Metz.

It was later revealed that Metz had displayed 42 photographs and 8 videos of himself sexually abusing the girls. All the photos and videos were found on his phone.  

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