Amber Heard dropped 25 pounds due to Johnny Depp’s ‘abuse,’ court hears.

A forensic psychologist who assessed Amber Heard claimed that the supposed mistreatment by Johnny Depp caused her to lose 25 pounds. Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist in New York who specializes in domestic violence, stated that Heard’s weight dropped from 130 pounds to 105 pounds.


Dr. Hughes says that Heard was taking significantly more medicine’ and had more episodes of fear and eruptions of fury, and that the combination of Depp’s substance usage and the violence was a very, very terrible combo.’

Dr Hughes stated that If somebody is a substance addict, she says there is a lot of ‘shame for your failure to remain clean and sober. The preponderance of the sexually violent instances were in these alcohol and drug driven rages. He further added that Depp would have tried to excuse his actions and pledged to become better. When drink and drugs came together, Amber Heard was more likely to be harmed by him.As per Dr. Hughes’ study, while Heard was verbally abusive and did beat Depp, it was not on the same level as him since she was “never able to change the balance of power and control.”

The court heard that Depp’s attorneys’ assertions that Heard’s abuse was a “hoax” – the foundation of her $100 million lawsuit against him – would have exacerbated her anguish.
Dr. Hughes believes that reading these papers would have exacerbated Heard’s PTSD, causing further nightmares and insomnia.

Dr. Hughes remarked that the one thing women are scared of is that no one would believe them. When someone comes out and declares your experience a fraud, she is subjected to more extreme suffering.

Hughes was cross-examined by Depp’s lawyer, Wayne Dennison, on Wednesday morning. During her evidence the day before, Dennison challenged Dr. Hughes on her usage of the pronoun ‘she.’ Dr. Hughes explained that the use of she and her as the doctor’s determination was that Miss Heard was the victim of intimate relationship assault.Dennison inquired as to whether Dr. Hughes had spoken to Depp during her examination, and she said that she had not. Dennison added that she can’t analyze a relationship without speaking to both people. Dr.Hughes responded that one can get a lot of information from one party, particularly when it’s backed up by therapy records and couple’s treatment.

She also read Mr. Depp’s transcripts, medical records, and text messages. She  wasn’t completely visually impaired. Dennison inquired that so  the standard today isn’t necessarily completely blind, can he judge it?’ Dr. Hughes stated they examine relationships all the time. Someone who has been trained in intimate relationship abuse would undoubtedly seek the dynamics.

Under examination, Dr. Hughes stated that she did not interview Dr. Laurel Anderson, the couple’s therapist who worked with Depp and Heard in a number of sessions.
Dr. Hughes stated that according to Anderson’s notes, Depp had been ‘well controlled’ for 20 or 30 years, but something in Miss Heard triggered him. Anderson did not reach the conclusion that Heard was the victim of domestic abuse, but Dr. Hughes stated that she disagreed.

Dennison added that the stuff she disagrees with, she ignores, and the rest, she retains. To which Dr. Hughes replied that it’s incorrect.

The court was shown a knife with the words ‘Hasta la muerte,’ or ‘until death,’ that Heard bought for Depp as a present.

‘A lady you imply has traits of being terrified for her life provides her intimate partner a huge knife on which she inscribes till death?’ asked Dennison, raising his voice. Dr. Hughes objected, claiming that the gift had “context.”

Dr. Hughes asserted that Heard first referred to instances when Depp compelled her to have sex as ‘angry sex.’ Dennison questioned Dr. Hughes asked whether she had assisted Heard in reframing these experiences as non-consensual, but she denied it, stating that her role was to examine her.During her cross-examination on Wednesday, the court was shown findings from one of the tests performed on Heard by Dr. Hughes. ‘Sometimes my fury erupts and I completely lose control,’ it said under the area ‘potential for aggressiveness.’ Heard answered, according to Dr. Hughes, that this was “occasionally true.”

She added that Miss Heard reported to her in the relationship that would happen. Her wrath and affect management would suffer as a result.Going through another response, Dr. Hughes confirmed that Heard stated that “my fury bursts” on occasion. Heard said in another response that she thinks she has three or four entirely separate personalities inside of her.
Dr. Hughes stated that Heard stated that this was “occasionally true.” Dr. Hughes stated that Heard disclosed to her as a youngster that she cut herself once in a “reckless, dumb time” and never did it again.Heard was visibly moved to tears many times throughout Dr. Hughes’ testimony on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Hughes, women who are in abusive relationships do it for the right reasons at first, but their spouse gradually turns against them. Dr. Hughes detailed terrible incidents in which she alleges Heard informed her about Depp’s sexual assault on her.

According to Dr. Hughes, while Depp was “drunk or high,” he threw Heard on the bed, pulled off her nightgown, and attempted to have sex with her. She explained that when he was enraged, he compelled her to give him oral sex. These were not loving moments, but rather domineering ones.

Dr. Hughes stated that after Depp accused a woman of hitting on Heard, he ‘did a cavity examination.’ She explained that he was seeking narcotics, adding that Depp believed it was ‘okay to take off her nightgown and push his fingers into her vagina looking for cocaine.’Another time, when they were in the closet, Depp inserted his fingers in Heard’s vagina and ‘moved her about aggressively.’

Dr. Hughes stated that ‘alcohol-fueled’ situations in which Depp tossed Heard on a bed and attempted to have sex with her it didn’t necessarily end up working. She explained that if he couldn’t perform, he’d be much more upset with her and blame her. Heard seemed to battle to keep her emotions under control as Dr. Hughes mentioned this.

According to Dr. Hughes, Heard’s physical abuse included Depp pushing, shoving, choking, and kicking her in the back. Some of the sexual attacks caused her’mostly bruises,’ cuts, and ‘vaginal agony.

Heard said she fell unconscious twice during arguments with Depp, once in Australia and another in December 2015.

Dr. Hughes stated that one instance of Depp’s coercive control was his informing her that he “didn’t want her to expose nudity” or her breasts during filming. Because of his ‘obsessive jealousy,’ Depp didn’t want Heard to act with particular individuals.

Dr. Hughes alleged that Depp would phone ‘nearly every actor’ Heard had worked with, as well as the director, to say that he has got eyes down there, he’s got eyes on set.
Heard was subjected to a “flood of allegations of unfaithfulness’,” including those leveled by Depp. All of this had a ‘dramatic’ impact on Heard, and she lost roles as a result of her inability to audition.

According to Dr. Hughes, Depp erupted into a frenzy on a private jet flight from Boston to Los Angeles in 0214 because Heard was working with James Franco at the time. She explained that Heard got on the plane, Depp started talking about James Franco, making a lot of disparaging things, hope you had fun with your exploits. That led to an argument so Jeard decided to get up and go he kicked her in the back, and she went ahead.

Dr. Hughes described it as’sucking the air out of the room till you’re choking.’ According to Dr. Hughes, numerous victims feel guilt over the abuse, which has a “compounding impact” on them.

She described it as a ‘vicious loop of figuring out how I can be with this man who hurts me and yet I love him so much.’ As Dr. Hughes described why women stay in abusive situations, Heard appeared to cry. She stated that for the loving guy, remain for the gentle man referring to the man she had hoped and promised for their future. Some individuals stay for economic reasons, while others share children and do not want to deny them a dad. The most perilous time for a lady is the point at which she’s leaving – her probability of being killed increments considerably. Remaining keeps her safe.’

Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer, questioned Dr. Hughes if digital penetration of the vagina classified as abuse; such behavior has not been presented in the trial. If it was not consensual, Dr. Hughes said yes.Bredehoft questioned if the same held true for penetration by inanimate things, which has not been discussed in the trial, although Heard’s attorneys alleged in their opening statement that Depp sexually attacked her with a bottle. Heard stood there, stone-faced, while Dr. Hughes said that if there was no assent, it was abuse.
Heard was accused by Depp’s lawyers of yelling at him during their arguments, but Dr. Hughes said that was a natural response to being exploited.

She added that ladies who feel they need to maintain their feeling of autonomy may shout and retaliate. In an unhealthy relationship, women may ‘definitely’ use violence, but it was usually for self-defense or to ‘fight back.’Dr. Hughes said in court that she undertook a forensic evaluation of Heard, which included reviewing case materials and testing and questioning Heard for 22 hours in person and twice by Zoom. Dr. Hughes also met with Heard’s physicians and her late mother.

Dr. Hughes said that Heard’s account was “compatible with what we know about Intimate Partner Violence.”

Dr. Hughes told the jury that in Heard’s instance, her abuse included physical violence, psychological aggression, sexual assault, coercive control, and ‘surveillance behaviors.’
Dr. Hughes stated that Heard illustrated ‘very plainly awful consequences’ from three remarks made by Depp’s attorneys, which appeared to relate to Depp’s legal team’s accusations that the case is a ‘total fabrication.’

Dr. Hughes stated that she diagnosed Heard with PTSD, citing ‘intimate partner assault by Mr. Depp.’

This happened after Heard’s attorneys made a finial desperate attempt to have the case dismissed, only to have the court decline their motion.

Amber Heard’s lawyers asked Judge Penney Azcarate to dismiss the case before it began, claiming Johnny Depp had not proven his claims.

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