Johnny Depp Gets Heroes Welcome as He Arrives to Court, Heard Expected to Testify.

On the day Amber Heard is due to testify, Johnny Depp’s supporters are out in force, showering the actor with affection as he comes to court.

Depp has just arrived at the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia, where nearly 50 admirers, largely women, welcomed him with everything from positive message posters to flowers. Johnny was definitely paying attention, waving and thanking everyone with a wide smile on his face.

Johnny Depp Gets Heroes Welcome as He Arrives to Court

Johnny Depp’s supporters showed the actor a TON of love as he arrived for court … and the feeling was mutual.

Posted by TMZ on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Of course, things aren’t going so well inside the courtroom, with more alarming testimony coming out on Tuesday, including allegations that Depp reportedly performed a “cavity examination” on Amber to see whether she had any cocaine.

The whole trial has been filled with outrageous accusations, and Johnny’s defense rested its case earlier this week… Amber is due to take the stand on Wednesday. ‘There is a risk of getting harmed by him.’

Amber’s legal team attempted to have the entire case dismissed after Johnny’s side had rested… but the judge was not having it. “Various witnesses have affirmed that Ms. Heard occupied in psychological, verbal, and physical abuse towards Mr. Depp, and we are satisfied at Chief Judge Azcarate’s ruling to continue with the trial after Mr. Rottenborn failed to convince the court that there was reason to dismiss the case,” a Johnny rep said of the decision.
We’ll see what Amber has to say about it.


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